The Army-tank of customer’s   background validation   and   KYC/ID verification
MasterConnect ™ is a flagship product from Quantafic, designed to authenticate the existing customers and loan applicants on-the-fly.

Using state of the art technology, MasterConnect connects to multiple data sources simultaneously at blazing speeds to reveal aggregated information about the customer.

Why use MasterConnect ™ ?

  • Speeden customer authentication process (Verify customer KYC documents – Pan, Aadhar, Electricity Bill Address, Voter, etc.)
  • In-built state-of-the-art BUSINESS RULE ENGINE
  • Scan internet world to find if any negative information is available about the customer
  • Online integration with multiple online data sources (internal and external)
  • Excellent tool for RCU/Fraud dept to confirm authenticity of documents

Data sources of Quantafic’s MasterConnect ™ :

Top 10 features of MasterConnect ™ :

  1. Unified app for authentication – No need to open different websites/apps for KYC check
  2. High Ops efficiency – Integrate with your LOS, and avoid multiple data entry
  3. Rule Engine – Scorecards; automation through customizable rules
  4. Data Security – MasterConnect can be hosted in-premise and not necessarily on cloud.
  5. Easy connectivity – Hosted on central server. No internet needed at local offices
  6. LDAP/ADS Authentication – No need of remembering multiple credentials.
  7. Mobility – MaterConnect is mobile and tablet-ready for your field staff
  8. Name/Address Match – Ability to accurately match Indian names/addresses at high speed
  9. Central repository – for enquiries and CIRs thus generated. Useful for analysis
  10. Usage Reporting – Centralized MIS to monitor usage. Multiple reports are pre-configured

MasterConnect has reduced the TAT of our CPA shop drastically! My credit underwriter’s are now at ease with the detailing in background and KYC verification, done automatically by your software.

MasterConnect has been designed and developed from scratch, by leading experts from banking, credit bureau, and technology companies. The tool is designed to be all-encompassing – a unified and comprehensive solution covering all possible data sources for authenticating an existing or potential customer.

The output of MasterConnect is aggregated across data sources. The solution has its own proprietary name and address match algorithm. This ensures that the output is compared against the input fields of names and addresses with as much near-human accuracy as possible. The algorithm has been developed ground-up for Indian names and addresses.

The tool is easy to deploy in your premise and comes with minimum overheads thereby assuring you a better uptime. The tool has been built using free and open-source components to minimize any component costs or license costs. However, the deployment team can migrate to your enterprise’s licensed platforms if the IT team feels a need to do so.

Once up and running, the administrator front-end allow a host of customizations to the way the tool will work and perform. On the other hand, the front-end for end-user is easy to use and adapts itself to all standard devices of different screen size and resolutions.

MasterConnect comes with a plethora of reports for monitoring the usage of data sources and the performance of the system. The BIU/Financial/Accounting team can use these reports for reconciling the month-end billing, while the IT team can study the system-load for future planning.


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