We, at Quantafic, have developed an open-source based BI reporting Tool—QDash, to support all your dashboarding requirements. A wide range of interactive data visualizations and flexible dashboard layouts, with added functionality of multiple cube-style groupings, filters and drill-downs, have been made available in QDash. Go on, now you can create stories from your data in your own unique way.

QDash supports almost all databases, so you can fetch data from any source system on-the-fly. QDash works with all devices – desktop OS browsers, Android, iOS, etc. and will certainly delight you with the smoothness it offers.

Most importantly, QDash has in-built statistical analysis, so you can compute a forecast or result from statistical scorecard and present it within the charts, on-the-fly. Whether it be simple moving average, or linear/logisitic regression, any time-series forecast, or even machine learning models, QDash supports it.

Our experience of deploying QDash at multiple financial institutions has strenthened the product features further.


  • Connectivity to wide range of data sources
  • Wide range of data visualizations available
  • Interactive Dashboards can be developed
  • Filter and Drill down functionality
  • Web-browser based
  • Mobile (Android, IOS) compatible
  • Upload and Download support
  • Customizable as per preference
  • Access control
  • Data security
  • Minimal hardware requirements

Sample screenshots


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