Banks and NBFCs have the RCU dept (also called RIC, FCU, etc.), abbreviated for Risk Control Unit, a machinery to prevent and tackle application fraud. As the organization grows, the task of RCU becomes more and more complicated. 

Like your LOS (or CAS) is the Quantafic RCU workflow solution, Q-Investig8r.

Q-Investig8r has the following features:

1. Define departments like RCU, Sales, Credit, Operations. Create organization hierarchy
2. Create logins and rights for agencies. Link them to organization hierarchy and locations.
3. Create and control document master
4. Create investigation status master, investigation types.
5. Assign timelines for each investigation.
6. Generate reports on work-load, TAT, etc.
7. Attach reports, documents and scanned images to workflow dynamically
8. Create and modify rules in system that help control workflow.
9. Connect to multiple internal source systems live – pull data feed and push results in live or batch mode.
10. Device agnostic solution – use it on mobile, tablet or desktop. 

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