Rule Engineer

Rules are an integral part of each business, its mantra for success.

Use the state-of-the-art RuleEngineer from Quantafic to automate a host of activities, such as:

  • Implement all your credit application scorecards inside RuleEngineer.
    • Data gets fetched from LOS and the respective scorecard is executed and results shared back. All in real time!
  • Integrate your collection module with RuleEngineer.
    • Implement your collection models in RuleEngineer and control the appropriate intervention.
  • Implement your underwriting policies in RuleEngineer.
    • RuleEngineer provides easy rule configuration capability.
  • Combine your rules with credit bureau data, location, scheme, etc. and get seamless action.
    • Get faster TAT, with uniformity of underwriting decisions. No more slippages!


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