Risk, Fraud, Collection Analytics

The lending function of banks have a continuous task of optimizing their policy and processes to reduce the credit costs. These credit costs are incurred due to :

1) Bad Credit decision;
2) Inability of borrower to pay;
3) Inability to collect from borrower;
4) Borrower not intending to pay.

At Quantafic, we have been heping banks and NBFCs in these areas through the following services and products:

  • Bolster credit policy through credit application scorecard ( for fresh loans, topups, etc.)
  • Build scorecards to optimize collection process (early delinquency, legal action optimization, write-off recovery models, etc.)
  • Fraud sampling models for sharper sampling of loan application by RCUs.
  • Collection allocation optimization solutions
  • Collection-specific dashboard design and data visualization
  • KYC and bureau validation solutions with in-built rule engine to reduce human errors while underwriting.